Secure and Scale Your Infrastructure Stack

Modernize your technology infrastructure for the digital age. EngineCloud offers innovative cloud solutions that help secure and scale your technology stack.  

The New Economy

We're entering the 4th industrial revolution. In this era, everything changes - world economies, competition, communication, travel, entertainment, healthcare, and the technology stack. Modernize your technology stack to meet the demands of the new era.    

Cloud Security

Protect your applications, network, and data infrastructure from sophisticated attacks

CDN Licensing

Drastically improve application performance for employees, end users, and customers

Edge Computing

Build your edge computing infrastructure to ingest, process, store, and deliver data

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes service that manages cluster deployment, security, and scaling

Cloud-based GRC

Identify vulnerabilities within your cloud infrastructure and remediate quickly

AI Media Solutions

Machine-learning driven media solutions that personalize individual viewing experiences

Edge Computing

The 4th industrial revolution is here. Edge computing is a key enabler. Companies must build edge computing capabilities into their digital business model to accelerate growth. EngineCloud provides products and services that help enterprises build edge computing capabilities. Our portfolio includes high volume data ingest technologies, processing, storage, and application delivery.    


Cloud Security 

The cloud changed the dynamics of the corporate network. Today, there are no more corporate perimeters. Every user, whether it is an employee, partner or customer must be verified. Traditional security products are inadequate for protecting against modern day cyber threats. Origin Shield by EngineCloud is a suite of products that protect your origin from various types of attacks. Our products work in the cloud and on-premise. They were built from the ground up to work in a zero trust world.  

Content Delivery Infrastructure

An important building block of edge computing is content delivery infrastructure. Whereas edge computing pertains to the processing and storage of data in order to maintain state, content delivery is responsible for taking that data and delivering it to employees, partners, customers, and end users in the last-mile anywhere in the world. Content delivery deals with stateless services. Both are needed to build a next-generation edge infrastructure.  

Infrastructure for the Digital Age

The technology infrastructure of the future is virtual. Applications and abstract services will take the place of physical appliances such as routers and switches. Containers, functions, serverless, and microservices are the key drivers of this change. In the virtual world, new products and services are required to scale and secure the next generation stack.


Speed to Market

Rapid transformation is a must for the modern business. The life span of the average business is getting shorter. Your company's digital strategy must be able to embrace new ideas and integrate them quickly into existing infrastructure. New technology is the key to accelerating speed to market.   


Embrace New ideas

The average life span for an S&P 500 company is under 20 years. In the 1950s, it was 60 years, according to Credit Suisse. The culprit is technology. Thus, technology innovation is killing off companies that are unable to embrace it. Technology innovation can be the enabler of greater things, spurring new ideas, and transforming stagnant business models. Or it can drive the competition past you. Be open to dramatic change.      

Industry innovation

Today, we live in a world that sees hundreds of new technologies emerging in the market every year. Each one solves a specific problem. Finding the right technology to solve a specific problem is challenging. As a research-driven company, we keep a pulse on the emerging technology landscape. As a result, we develop deep insight on disruptive innovations that can solve problems faster and cheaper.  

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