Modernize your infrastructure stack

Transform your technology infrastructure for the digital age. EngineCloud offers innovative edge solutions that modernize the tech stack and help you build a profit-driven business model.

The new economy

We're entering the 4th industrial revolution. In this era, everything changes - world economies, competition, communication, travel, entertainment, healthcare, and much more. IoT, 5G, and AI are drivers of this revolution, and edge computing is the enabler.

Managed Kubernetes

Fully managed Kubernetes service that manages cluster deployment, scaling, and operations across any cloud provider

Cloud Security

Protect your business, network, applications, and infrastructure from sophisticated attacks and monitor threats in real time


CDN solutions that improver performance and minimize latency for gaming apps, OTT, eCommerce, auctions, streaming, and web applications

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the enabler that makes mass adoption of IoT, autonomous cars, and AI edge processing possible

Distributed Computing

Distributed computing solutions that transform the stateless environments into a robust stateful ecosystem


Advanced media solutions for OTT that incorporate machine learning algorithms to enhance the personalization experience of subscribers globally

Infrastructure for the digital age

The technology infrastructure of the future is virtual. Applications and abstract services will take the place of physical appliances such as routers and switches. Containers, functions, serverless, and microservices are the key drivers of this change. In the virtual world, new products and services are required to scale and secure the next generation stack.  

Edge Computing

The revolution is here and edge computing is the enabler. And it's changing the world we live in. Mass adoption of IoT, 5G, autonomous vehicles and low-cost, high-speed, satellite-based Internet access for users across the world is within reach. Everything changes in the 4th industrial revolution, from the way we interact with one another to the way we work to the way we consume entertainment and much more. Get ready now and don't be left behind.


We're a research-driven technology company providing innovative edge computing solutions. In a world where hundreds of startups and technologies emerge every year and change is constant, identifying the right partner to help you build a profit-driven competitive advantage is challenging. We help companies build, scale, secure, and modernize their technology infrastructure stack so it becomes a competitive advantage.

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