Modernize your infrastructure stack

Discover how you can scale your infrastructure technology stack for the digital age and build a profit-driven business model. We offer innovative solutions to help scale your business.

Digital Transformation

Disruptive technologies like 5G, IoT, self-driving cars, VR/AR, high-speed public wifi, telesurgery, and real-time streaming is ushering the new digital era. Transforming the digital journey is key and building capabilities to ingest, process, store, and deliver data at the edge is key to creating a competitive advantage.


Scale your business applications and technology infrastructure to meet growing customer demand and stay ahead of the competition

Cloud Security

Protect your network, applications, customers, and customer networks from sophisticated Layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks

WebRTC Streaming

Low latency real-time streaming idea for OTT, mobile apps, video streaming, live auctions, and much more.

Edge Computing

Innovative edge computing products for large scale enterprises, service providers, operators, CSP's, and media companies.

Distributed Computing

ACID compliant, strongly consistent, and globally distributed NoSQL database for transaction-based workloads

Metadata Engine

Machine learning based personalization engine and metadata engine for OTT and media companies

Cloud Infrastructure

Operating cloud infrastructure that supports employees, partners, and customers is challenging. Besides ongoing maintenance, support, and upgrades, protecting every part of the stack is an evolving job. More importantly, adding new features to the stack is a requirement for meeting demand and maintaining a competitive advantage. We can help you.   

Embrace the edge

The revolution is here. It's called edge computing. And it will change the way we interact, work, consume products and services, receive medical care, play games, exercise, and much more. Developing a scalable business is the key to building a profit-driven business model for the new world.

Building Partnerships

We're a technology company providing innovative, best-of-breed technologies, in areas of edge computing, distributed computing, content delivery networks, and cloud security. We help companies build, scale, secure, and modernize their business applications and technology infrastructure.

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