EngineCloud is a technology company offering innovative best-in-class solutions. We help companies scale, secure, and modernize the technology infrastructure stack. EngineCloud was founded by a team of entrepreneurs that have worked for the Fortune 1000, mid-market, startups, and military. We're hard-working professionals dedicated to serving our customers with integrity, humility, and passion.  


Ernie Regalado, Founder and Head of Growth
Ernie is Head of Growth and responsible for building new relationships. He has 20+ years of experience working in the tech industry for the Fortune 1000 and mid-market. Currently, he is an advisor to startups in big data, video streaming, content delivery networks, and cloud security. He's also the founder of Galado Interactive Inc., a market research company focused on technology infrastructure. Ernie received his bachelor's from the University of Southern California.

Armando Barajas, Director of Business Development
Armando is responsible for strategy, business development, project management, and operations. He is a US Navy Veteran who served in various roles including Senior Intelligence Analyst and Mission Planner. In the Navy, he supervised a large operations team that managed the Navy's most advanced technology systems. He graduated from UCLA with an MBA.    

Company History

Initially, we started off as a market research company focused on technology infrastructure. Over the past several years, our team worked closely with the most disruptive vendors in the industry, in the areas of cloud security, Content Delivery Networks, streaming, cloud services, and cloud computing.

During this time, we developed deep insight and experience into the inner workings of technology innovation, product leadership, competition, trend analysis, and thought leadership. A few years in, of providing innovative market research, we identified an opportunity to bring best-in-class ideas, products, and services to IT professionals around the world. Today, our client roster includes public and private companies, startups, Fortune 500, and service providers.  

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