Product Overview

Innovation Driven

EngineCloud provides innovative products that help companies scale, optimize, and secure their infrastructure technology stack. Our edge computing suite is comprised of products and services in the areas of edge cloud computing, distributed computing for transactional systems, content delivery network infrastructure, cloud security, OTT, and media platforms.

Edge Computing

The edge computing portfolio is comprised of multiple products that can be used together or stand-alone. The end goal of any edge computing solution is to provide companies with the ability to ingest, process, store, and deliver data at the edge of your network, cost-effectively. In our market, companies usually have infrastructure deployed locally or in a data center so they can comply with industry regulations and mandates, which is supplemented with the use of cloud services.

Distributed Computing

We offer the most innovative database on the market, that is an ACID-compliant, strongly consistent, globally distributed NoSQL database. It is ideal for transaction-based workloads. It enables companies to maintain state at the edge and provide database capabilities for each region. It's also highly automated and a derivative of Google Spanner.

Cloud Security

The cloud security suite is comprised of web application firewall, DDoS protection, and bot mitigation. The solution protects customers from Layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks. Today's attacks are sophisticated and multi-vector, where one type of attack is a smokescreen for another. Having the right protection in place enhances a companies defense-in-depth strategy.

Real Time Streaming

Video plays a very big part for enterprises across the world. Being able to deliver video to your audience in real time is difficult and costly. We have partnered with the world leader in real-time streaming. The solution works on-prem or in the cloud and is cost-effective. Inquire.

Recommendation Engine

For media companies and OTT providers, we offer a recommendation engine and metadata engine. The machine learning based platform maximizes subscriber engagement, leading to happier customers. Automate the personalization of the entire screen experience for your viewers whether they access media at home, work, or on the mobile device.

CDN Solutions

Content Delivery Networks are a critical part of media, content, and application delivery. There are dozens of solutions in the market. Each of the available products works in a specific use case. Our team has extensive experience with CDN solutions. We can help you select the right for your organization.

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